Las Vegas 55+ Communities Buyer's Guide by Lenny Martin

I understand that my senior clients have special requirements and I am doing everything my 22 year experience and expertise allows me to do to meet my retiree clients needs and desires. I do realize that folks in their 60's will be looking for a quite different home than people in their 30's. When your children move out, when you don't want to walk up and down the stairs, when you are ready to move into a secure and quiet community with lots of amenities - that's when it's time to make a move. Most people make the change when they retire. 

Here are some of the important home buying tips:

  • Location, location, location - you've heard this before, haven't you? And rightfully so that is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a new home. I have been living in Las Vegas since 1989 and active in real estate market here for 22+ years - I will help you find location where you will feel comfortable. I will listen carefully to determine your "must-haves" and guide you through various options. Do you golf? Do you play tennis? Is it important for you to exercise and have a state-of-the-art fitness center? Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor swimming pool? Does your new neighbourhood need a community center with a library, kitchen, conference room, etc.? Will you be going out  a lot and therefore would you like to be close to the Las Vegas Strip, shopping and restaurants? These are the questions I will be asking at our first interview. 
  • Pick the right community for you - I will help you research a variety of 55 and over communities in Las Vegas and Henderson to make sure that you select the one with activities and HOA rules that are right for you. Some communities set the minimum age requirement at 50 plus others at 60+. Typically, the more expensive the community is - the more amenities it has to offer for a fun enjoyable lifestyle that average neighbourhoods do not offer. 
  • Plan your move together - make sure Las Vegas is the place for you as well as your partner. Please have conversations to confirm that you both are dreaming of a fun place with a warm climate year round. 
  • Plan your finances - it's always a good idea to speak with a financial adviser before buying a new house and making a move, especially when you retire and cannot rely on steady income. It's important to have a solid financial plan that includes not working.
  • Mortgage - we shall discuss taking out a mortgage versus paying cash for the house. If you decide to finance your home purchase, I will be able to recommend several reputable mortgage companies with which I have established good working relationship over the years. If you are 62 or older you might want to consider a reverse mortgage to create income.
  • Selecting the home - here are some of the house features to consider when choosing the right home: floor plan, updated kitchen and bathrooms, bedrooms size, separate laundry room, outdoor space and landscaping, home technology (programmable thermostats, speaker system, keyless locks, timer lights, etc.), energy efficiency, windows and insulation, air conditioning, etc. Before we start looking for a your new home I would like to discuss the home features are important to you.

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I have been living and working in Las Vegas since 1989 and had an opportunity to see this city develop and grow. I got involved in real estate in 1997 and have been an active realtor since. I specialize in resale houses as well as new home sales, work with both buyers and sellers, particularly in adult retirement 55+ senior communities of Greater Las Vegas area of Southern Nevada. While there are realtors out there that measure their success by the volume of sales, I monitor the number of satisfied clients. Realty One Group 10750 W.Charleston Blvd Suite 180 Las Vegas NV 89135